CAPT therapists practice psychodynamic therapy and work across Canada. All CAPT therapists have either graduated from a CAPT-recognized training institution, or have passed a rigorous CAPT interview process. You are in good hands.

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Meet Our Therapists

Robert BlackRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

I'm a native of Saskatchewan, and have lived in Toronto since 1981. There is more on my website!

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Nicholas PowerRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

There is a particular kind of listening that can help bring the client closer to their core self. That level of resonance is possible in the depth of conversation, the exploration of dreams and the free associating done in the privacy of a therapy session.

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Miriam SchacterRegistered Psychotherapist, CRPO

Downtown Toronto, Ontario

Disruptive relationships and life events can continue to have distressing effects until they are safely supported and worked through. Our collaborative dialogue can help amplify resources and other sources of support as well as uncover ways to find relief from distress.

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Mario LourencoRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

I am a Psychotherapist registered with the College of Psychotherapists in Ontario with a M.Ed. in Counselling & Psychotherapy from University of Toronto (OISE). I am also a graduate of the 4 year training program in Gestalt therapy offered in Toronto.

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By entering a location in addition to topics and keywords, you can narrow your search results to meet your needs.