CAPT therapists practice psychodynamic therapy and work across Canada. All CAPT therapists have either graduated from a CAPT-recognized training institution, or have passed a rigorous CAPT interview process. You are in good hands.

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Meet Our Therapists

Amanda HankinsPsychotherapist (Qualifying)

Montreal, Quebec

I subscribe to the idea that suffering is a natural part of the human existence, we suffer and experience discomfort so we can cope and grow. This is how we learn to thrive, thereby discovering new and wild things we never knew about ourselves. I want to help you increase your capacity for life.

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Silvia MocanuRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

I collaborate with clients in unique ways to help them awaken to self-acceptance and self-compassion. I made it my professional mission to help restore the sense of equilibrium at mental, emotional and spiritual level in people who recognize the need for professional help.

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Lisa DarrachRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

We have great inner resources for healing and growth but we need a context in which we feel listened to and heard and within which a new perspective can develop. I will listen carefully to your dreams, experiences, fears, and longings, as we work together to understand your concerns and experiences.

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Rachel FulfordRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

Creative, accomplished people may feel a sense of emptiness, and struggle with relationships. An event may spark questions about identity and purpose; or, you may wonder how to build connections and live a more fulfilled life. Speaking honestly and being heard fosters enrichment and self-discovery.

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By entering a location in addition to topics and keywords, you can narrow your search results to meet your needs.