CAPT therapists practice psychodynamic therapy and work across Canada. All CAPT therapists have either graduated from a CAPT-recognized training institution, or have passed a rigorous CAPT interview process. You are in good hands.

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Meet Our Therapists

Steve MundyRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

Despair does not always yield to introspection, reflection, or fretful worry. Our demons, so to speak, must often be spoken into view, preferably in collaboration with an other, someone with an ear for this very specific kindness of listening. Together, we will seek illumination.

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John NeuminRegistered Psychotherapist

Toronto, Ontario

You are a person; not a disorder, diagnosis or issue. Your life is unique, and the intricate and nuanced work of understanding who you are and what you want and need is the key to living an engaged and meaningful life that can bring you happiness.

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Miranda MonasteroRegistered Psychotherapist

Burlington, Ontario

Hello, my name is Miranda Goode Monastero and I am a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice, working with individuals and families since 2011. I blend my Humanistic training with Relational Gestalt for a unique, experiential approach that is compassionate and supportive.

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Catherine CarpenkoRegistered Psychotherapist

Orangeville, Ontario

Here’s what I know personally and professionally… whatever challenge you are faced with there are processes that can provide tangible and practical ways to support a return to a more balanced and grounded way of being in the world. My practice is client-driven as I actively advocate for health.

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By entering a location in addition to topics and keywords, you can narrow your search results to meet your needs.