If you believe your patient or client may benefit from psychodynamic psychotherapy, we suggest you direct them to our website at psychodynamiccanada.org for information they can digest in their own time.

Below are a few important points you should consider covering when discussing this option is:

  • Psychodynamic therapy is a regulated profession in many provinces, and those who practice it are highly qualified.
  • Research has proven that psychodynamic therapy works. There are many academic articles and studies that support its efficacy.
  • Psychodynamic therapy is a form of psychotherapy, Psychodynamic therapists do not diagnose patients or write prescriptions.
  • In psychodynamic therapy, patients work closely with their therapist to explore feelings and thoughts they may be unaware of, but that are influencing the way they view themselves and those around them.
  • The relationship between the therapist and the patient is central to exploring patterns of relating to the self and others.
  • Over many sessions, patients may develop an increased self-awareness that can enhance their ability to take better care of their health.
  • Therapeutic approaches used by psychodynamic therapists may include everything from talk therapy to various forms of experiential therapy.
  • Psychodynamic therapists can form a circle of care with other health professionals to meet the needs of a patient.

If your patient or client is ready to explore psychodynamic therapy, please direct them to psychodynamiccanada.org.