For Referring Professionals

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an evidence-based therapy that has been practiced for more than 100 years. Regulated in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Alberta, CAPT’s psychodynamic therapists have either graduated from a CAPT-recognized training institution or have passed a rigorous CAPT interview process.

Psychodynamic therapists can work with adults, children, couples, groups and families. They have clients with diverse cultural, religious and income socioeconomic backgrounds.

The relationship a client forms with their therapist is central to the psychodynamic approach. The client and therapist work to uncover thoughts and feelings that are outside of the client’s awareness and may be contributing to current difficulties.

Due to the deep nature of the therapy, the psychodynamic approach is best suited for those who ready and have the resources could benefit from guided and thoughtful introspective work that is done over a series of sessions. However, psychodynamic therapists work with clients on both a long-term and short-term basis, depending on the needs of the client.

Many insurance plans cover the cost of psychotherapy, and if a client has a healthcare spending account, it can usually be used to pay for psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is also recognized as a medical expense by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Currently, Canadians do not need a referral to see a psychodynamic therapist, unless their insurance company requires one. Psychotherapy is recognized as a medical expense by the Canada Revenue Agency.

As a referring professional, you can either:

  1. Direct a potential client to CAPT’s directory of registered therapists
  2. Search the directory for a list of therapists based on the client’s location or needs