CAPT is a non-profit professional association that operates autonomously from any training school or institute in terms of its policies, procedures and governance. Our organizational structure, interests and activities are for the benefit of our members. CAPT members can access meeting minutes of the CAPT Board from the members homepage by logging in here.

We aim to:

  • preserve and promote the various forms of psychodynamic therapy
  • support high minimum standards of training in psychotherapy, high ethical standards and ongoing professional development of practitioners

CAPT Board of Directors for 2018-2019

CAPT is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected bi-annually by membership.

The CAPT Board of Directors operates in accordance with CAPT’s by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Below, are the members of the current CAPT Board of Directors.

Gord MacLeod President

In what seems like a former life, I was a singer – a lovely way to spend one’s 20s. I got to see a great deal of Canada and Europe while performing with orchestras and opera companies. Returning to “civilian” life, I began working in the supported employment field, assisting people with intellectual disabilities to secure and maintain paid employment in the competitive workforce.

I graduated from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in June 2006. Since then, I have participated in many workshops through the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and completed the Level II training through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. At present, I divide my time between maintaining a private practice and managing an ODSP-funded employment program for people with intellectual disabilities.

Having served on boards for a variety of community organizations, most recently the Job Opportunity Information Network for People with Disabilities (JOIN), I welcome the opportunity to assist CAPT in developing and expanding support services for therapists across Canada.

Wendy Fredricks Treasurer

I began my work life as an elementary-school teacher and spent three years in a challenging open-concept setting with kids aged 8 to 12. I left teaching to move to England for a year with my spouse, and upon return, I landed a job with an advertising agency, working in marketing for twenty years as a strategic planner. Between marketing and psychotherapy, I had a transitional position as a recruiter, where my intuition and counseling abilities were used to good effect. I trained at the Integral Healing Centre, drawn there by a program that combined hard-core psychotherapy theory with a spiritual overlay. I now teach the first year of this training program.

I have served on the CAPT Board for two years as Chair of Membership and two years as Vice President. I look forward to another two-year term as Vice President. Service to the membership defines CAPT, and sitting on the Board allows me to exercise skills attained in my former careers to promote and support those who share my passion for psychotherapy. It continues to be a joy.

Carolina Edwards Secretary

I am the Executive Director and Senior Faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto and a psychotherapist in private practice. My initial training in communicative disorders from the University of Western Ontario, specializing in audiology, has given me a unique opportunity to explore counseling in the context of children and families with hearing loss. I worked in educational settings for many years setting up a consulting practice for school boards across southwestern Ontario, and later completed my MBA at the University of Toronto. Graduating from the postgraduate training program at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto in 1994, I later joined the teaching faculty there, where I have taught for the past 18 years. In June 2013 I assumed the role of Executive Director of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. I joined the CAPT Board of Directors in 2014 and am delighted to continue to assist in furthering goals of the association.

Diana Orgera Chair of Membership

Jan Peyton Member at Large

My first career goal was to be an interior designer.  When I entered university, I was majoring in English Literature.   But then I took an elective course in political philosophy and became fascinated.  I graduated from the University of Toronto with an honours specialist degree in Political Science and majors in English and Economics.  I then undertook graduate work in Library and Information Sciences as a complement to earlier computer programming studies.  I worked in the broadcast media environment for ten years in facilities and production coordination.  Then for the next decade, I worked as a policy analyst for government. It was only many years later while training as a Jungian Analyst,  I realized that indeed I had finally found myself truly engaged in my desired field of interior design but of a different nature than I had originally imagined – it was the architecture and ‘interior design’ of the human psyche, soul and spirit.  I graduated as a Jungian Analyst in 2009 and have a private practice in Toronto. In my personal research, I am interested in the intersection of the archetypes of alienation, abandonment, the orphan and the hero all of which encompass the individual and the relationship to the collective.  As a member of CAPT, I have met so many people who share their dedication to the individual spirit, soul and well-being and who also actively give their own energy to designing, creating and building a meaningful collective.   I have been a member of CAPTs Advocacy and Outreach Committee for several years, currently act as Chair of the committee, and I am now excited to participate as a member of the CAPT Board – an ongoing inspiring collective of individuals.

Kristine Connidis Member-at-Large

CAPT Committees

We have created a number of committees to serve our membership quickly and efficiently. If you have an inquiry, feedback or require more information, please contact us.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers of CAPT, namely the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. It makes recommendations to the Board regarding classes of membership, criteria for admission, and fees, and arranges and oversees current and future member benefits.

Advocacy & Outreach Committee

The Advocacy & Outreach Committee is appointed by the Board, and advocates for CAPT and its members with respect to the regulation of the profession of psychotherapy in Canada. The Committee also liaises with other professional organizations and propagates the psychodynamic modality across Canada.

Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee is appointed by the Board, and furthers the educational, marketing, and other pertinent objectives of CAPT.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee consists of the Board as a whole, and puts forward names of members for consideration to serve on the Board.