About CAPT

The Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT) is a professional association of psychodynamic psychotherapists, training institutes, and organizations committed to the preservation, practice, study, and advancement of psychodynamic therapy.

The psychodynamic approach to therapy understands that unconscious dynamics exist within normal human consciousness and that it is possible in therapy to engage many aspects of the human psyche in ways that are useful, creative, and healing.


An association founded on a commitment to the psychodynamic tradition, CAPT has been an influential member of the psychotherapy community since its inception in the year 2000. Our interests and activities support two primary aims:

  • to preserve and promote the various forms of psychodynamic therapy
  • to support high minimum standards of training in psychotherapy, high ethical standards (see Code of Ethics), and ongoing professional development of practitioners.

Psychodynamic Modalities

Our members represent a broad spectrum of psychodynamic modalities, presenting opportunities for a rich, ongoing professional exchange. All psychodynamic modalities agree on these things especially:

  • the agency of the client and the relational, cooperative nature of the therapy are of prime importance.
  • both client and therapist pay attention to the depth dimension of human life, within and under what is consciously known and said or what is observable as a symptom.

CAPT invites psychodynamic psychotherapists, training institutes, and organizations to become active members. We also invite the broader health care community and the public to learn more about psychodynamic therapy through this web site.

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