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About Your Member Profile

CAPT members now have the ability to view their membership information. Scroll below to get familiar with the different features of the new member profile.

Basic Information
Review this section to view your membership number, the duration of your membership, and if your membership is current. You can also add a new profile picture.

Note: Once renewal is open, you can also renew from within the member profile.

2. Manage your credit card details and Login Preferences

Membee allows members to store their credit card in a secured section called the Card Vault. If you would like to have your credit number stored on the system and/or charged automatically when renewal is due, click either option 1 or 2. If you click option 3, you will be sent a renewal invoice each year.

You can also change your password in the Login section.

3. Communications preferences

Please confirm your permission for us to send you CAPT communications.

4. Addresses
Add your address in these fields. You can designate which are personal or business addresses.

5. Viewing your financial transactions

You can access the invoice for membership dues in the financial transaction section of your member profile.

Once you have paid your dues, your invoice will read $0.00. Members are also sent a receipt at time of payment.


6. Directory listing
If you set up a directory listing in our previous system, please review your new listing to ensure the information is accurate.


7. Educational information
In preparation for renewal, and to keep your information current throughout the year, please update this section with your educational information. Drag and drop your educational documents, select the institution you attended or currently attend. If you are a student, provide us with your year of graduation.


8. Regulatory information
In preparation for renewal, and to keep your information current throughout the year, please update this section with your regulatory information. Select your province of practice, indicate the regulatory college of which you are a member, add your registration numbers.


9. Additional information
We have added this field to collect demographic information.

You can make corrections to your profile by clicking in most of the fields. If you are having difficulty, please contact membership@psychodynamiccanada.org

How to renew your CAPT membership

Current CAPT members will be sent a customized renewal link via email. Once you click, you will be directed to your invoice on the CAPT website. We have eliminated the need to complete the membership form each year.

To ensure we are billing the correct amount, please review your information in your Member profile to ensure we have the most up to date information on your status.

Here’s what we need to ensure your renewal is conducted efficiently:

  • Students: If you are a student at the Integral Healing Centre or the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, please upload a letter confirming enrolment for the 2020/2021 year.
  • Full members: Review your profile to ensure your CRPO registration is included.
  • Graduating students: Confirm that you graduated in 2020.

Note: Once the initial renewal email has been sent, members can also renew their membership via the Member profile. Click on your invoice in the Financial History section.

About Renewal

  • CAPT’s renewal period runs from October to December 1 of each year. Full member rates are $160; Student rates are $115 and Emeritus rates are $60 per year.
  • Membership applies from January 1 to December 31.
  • Insurance (provided by McFarlan-Rowlands) is current from February to February. Once you have renewed your membership, McFarlan-Rowlands will send you a renewal link.


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