A coalition of associations launched a campaign on September 20 to petition the Federal government on the removal of the GST/HST on psychotherapy and counselling services.

For every 500 e-signatures, the petition will be presented in the House of Commons, and the Government must table a response.

In order to exempt the services of Counselling Therapists/Psychotherapists from GST/HST, the Federal Government must legislatively amend the Excise Tax Act as follows:

(1) add practitioners of counselling therapy/psychotherapy to the list of eligible practitioners (in section 1 of part II of Schedule V), and

(2) add counselling services/psychotherapy services to the list of tax exempt services (in Section 7 of Part II of Schedule V). 

With rising inflation and the economic impact of the pandemic, Canadians need these psychotherapy and counselling services more than ever and have less financial resources to access these services. The removal of GST/HST on counselling therapy/psychotherapy would increase access to services, thereby reducing the burden on our healthcare system.

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