Full disclosure: I don’t like change. An alarming admission, coming from a psychotherapist, but, alas, the truth. Actually, I am generally fine with the outcome, once change has occurred, but the prospect of having to do something different can send me into a miasma of fear locked analysis paralysis as I am held hostage by the innumerable scenarios of disaster that loop through my internal media player. When the prospect of change is looming (and when isn’t it?), I need tools in order to deal; trustworthy information to help me inch toward and over whatever threshold I am tentatively toeing.

The past decade has seen significant change in Ontario’s psychotherapeutic landscape. Through the creation of the CRPO – to the regulation of the practice, CAPT was “at the table” advocating on behalf of therapists who include psychodynamic approaches in their practice. CAPT served as a reliable information resource as members navigated through the CRPO application processes. With that road now behind us, we are in the process of determining how best CAPT can continue to meet the future needs of our members.

One need we have identified is “best practices” information about internet-based therapy. To that end, we invited Lawrence Murphy from Therapy Online to speak at our 2018 AGM about this new(ish) and fast-growing way of serving clients. Lawrence will be following up on his talk with a workshop on this topic on April 13, 2019, an event co-sponsored by CAPT and the OACCPP. We will be providing more information soon and hope that you can attend.

If you have an area that you would like us to explore, let us know! Chances are that, if it is important to your practice, it will be of interest to your colleagues as well. Perhaps your suggestion might become a topic for the next CAPT-sponsored workshop.

For some changes, (like the pain of grown kids leaving home – or not leaving home), CAPT won’t be of much help. Perhaps, though, we can be an effective resource when you are looking for some clarity around how CRPO initiatives might affect your practice, or you are looking for office space, or you need information about what training is available to help you fulfil your CRPO QA component, or…?

My final point with respect to change has to do with the CAPT Board itself. As a number of the present Board members will be leaving at the end of 2019, some vacancies will need to be filled so CAPT can continue in its role of providing a voice for psychodynamic therapy. Given the tools at our disposal in this digital age, one need not live in, or even near to, Toronto to be on the CAPT Board. In fact, it would serve us well to have some perspectives from outside the Big Smoke. If you are interested, please give us a shout, or if you know a colleague whom you would like to “volunteer”, let us know and we will reach out to them.

On behalf of the CAPT Board and all the CAPT staff we wish you the best for 2019.

Gord MacLeod
President, CAPT Board of Directors