Bi-weekly starting April 11, 2020-December 19, 2020

2 hour experiential learning group
Date: Bi-weekly starting April 2020-December 2020 (9 month commitment)
Cost: $90 per session

This group will be co-creating a safe space to work with understanding, identifying and releasing ourselves from our trauma conditioned responses as well as stuck emotional states. Using the body and breath-based practices combined with heart-centred safe space sharing, we learn to listen to ourselves and to others in a new way. Softening into our senses to re-orient ourselves out of the fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses, re-tuning our nervous systems to C.A.L.M® (consciously attuned love meditations).

We will learn to integrate our emotions by using tools to identify, manage and accept our emotional reactivity. We can then create more space for internal freedom to arise, setting the stage for personal liberation from our traumatic narratives.

Releasing ourselves from chronic states of lack and wanting while learning to receive and to give unconditionally to ourselves.

Giving ourselves the resonance that we have been trying to get most often from others or from perceived external sources.

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42 Madison Avenue, Toronto, ON

Open to: All

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