CAPT is the home of psychodynamic psychotherapy in Canada. Part of the work we do is to raise the profile of the profession with the public, government, and other stakeholders. Here is a collection of the work we have done since our inception in 2000.

Let’s talk about electronic practice!

Here’s how CAPT is keeping you aware of the latest developments in electronic practice:

  • Lawrence Murphy, from Therapy Online, has been invited to present the keynote speech “The Keys to Professional Practice Online” at the 2018 AGM. He will outline key issues such as ethics, theory, research and practice of online counselling, as well as computer and internet safety.
  • The AGM session is the precursor to the full day workshop on virtual therapy at the Spring 2019 workshop (co-hosted by CAPT and OACCPP). It will also be facilitated by Lawrence Murphy.
  • We’re keeping up to date on CRPO’s new guideline on electronic practice.
  • We’re compiling educational resources to help members understand current e-health solutions and trends. Members can access the resources here.

We want to hear from you
Let’s talk about best practices as you implement virtual therapy. Do you already conduct sessions virtually? What are your experiences? What are your concerns? How do you intend to keep informed about technology? What resources do you need?

Join the discussion on CAPT’s Facebook page, and watch this page for further news and resources.



Petition to exempt HST from Private Practice Psychotherapy Services:

The Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP) has launched a campaign calling on the to federal and provincial governments to exempt private practice psychotherapy services from provincial and federal HST fees. Please consider taking a few minutes to have your voice heard in support of more equitable and affordable mental health services for all Canadians.

The federal petition can be found on the House of Commons website.The provincial government requires all petitions to be physically signed, so to add your name to the provincial portion of this campaign, please download the provincial petition and instructions.

RPIC: Inclusion of RPs in 3rd Party Insurance Coverage

RPIC: Inclusion of RPs in 3rd Party Insurance Coverage

Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee (RPIC):

CAPT is a founding member of the Registered Psychotherapists Insurance Committee (RPIC), which has been working over the past two years to address the following questions:

  • How do Registered Psychotherapists gain inclusion into the mental health benefits from third-party payers?
  • How do we, as registered professionals, acquire the same “covered” status as other registered professionals such as Registered Psychologists and MSWs?

For more information, click here to visit the RPIC website.

RPIC – Call for Volunteers

The RPIC, with the support of the CAPT board of directors, is continuing its call for volunteers to help move 3rd party insurance forward:

Hardworking Volunteers Needed!

  • We are planning to Lobby the Federal Government to include RPs as service providers in the Public Servants’ Extended Health Insurance Plan
  • The Extended Health Insurance Plan for Federal Public Servants and their dependents covers 1.4 million Canadians!  Currently members of this plan have $2000 of annual coverage for psychological services.  This means that psychotherapy provided by a Psychologist is eligible for coverage, but not from a Registered Psychotherapist.
  • On March 20, 2018 the College of Psychologists of Ontario issued a Memorandum urging its Members to stop Supervising RPs for third-party insurance purposes.
  • We are looking for volunteers with good research skills to collaboratively prepare a detailed briefing for the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the Public Service Commission, Treasury Board and others.
  • We are also looking for volunteers who can contact their local Members of Parliament and make the case for adding us to the plan.
  • If you are interested and keen please contact Jerry Ritt, MA, RP in Ottawa  Thank you.
Consultation & Surveys

Consultation & Surveys

Get Involved:

  • Erase the Difference – Consider signing the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) petition calling on funding mental health and addictions care just like physical healthcare
  • HST Exemption Petition – If you haven’t already, consider signing the HST Exemption petition spearheaded by the OACCPP

Share Feedback:

No open surveys.


Regulation of Psychotherapy

Regulation of Psychotherapy

CAPT has a large body of submissions and other materials relating to the regulation of psychotherapy in Ontario. The following documents contain CAPT opinions on many issues relating to the regulation of the profession – including the controlled act of psychotherapy.