May 14, 2021 from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Speaker: Robert Solomon, LLB, LLM

Note: This session is in two parts.

The complexity of Canada’s legal environment today and the statutory obligations that apply to psychotherapists, social workers and other mental health care professionals can seem daunting and complex. Robert Solomon will provide a practical overview of the required legal principles to incorporate into your practice to ensure that you avoid common and costly legal problems and liability.

Participants will examine the legal meaning of the term “confidentiality” and the overlapping sets of common law and statutory obligations that apply to counselling and therapy. Contrary to what many people understand, the obligation is not an absolute guarantee of silence. The concept of privilege and the circumstances in which confidential information need not be disclosed even in the face of a search warrant or subpoena will be discussed.

– Enable the participants to analyze basic legal issues relating to consent, documentation, confidentiality, and disclosure of patient information.

– Demystify the overlapping patchwork of common law, equitable and statutory provisions governing documentation, confidentiality and disclosure obligations of healthcare and counselling professionals.

– Provide the participants with a framework for analyzing their legal obligations regarding the disclosure of confidential patient information.

– Review the mandatory reporting obligations that apply to the participants, and the potential civil liability for breaching the duty to warn in Canada.

Ensure that the participants can anticipate and avoid common legal problems.



Open to: All

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