September 2023 to June 2024

Susan Chernin and John Gross are pleased to announce plans for our psychodynamic psychotherapy group this coming September.

This past year we have been able to meet safely in person and look forward to continuing in our ample office space on Yonge Street just south of St. Clair. We anticipate there will be places for a limited number of new members.

The process of introducing new members begins with a Zoom session with us to get to know one another and explain the group process and answer questions. There is no charge for this consultation.

The group meets weekly on Thursday evenings for 1.5 hours as well as three weekend marathons in the fall, winter and spring. The fee is $300 a month for the 10 months September to June. Group size is kept at 12 members.

Warm regards,
Susan Chernin

John Gross

Open to: CAPT Members