CAPT’s mission is the preservation, investigation and advancement of forms of psychotherapy oriented on psychodynamic lines, that is, that unconscious dynamics exist within normal human consciousness, and that it is possible in therapy to access many aspects of the human psyche in ways that are useful, creative and healing.

The representation of the interests of psychodynamic therapy and its standards of practice through:

  • Promoting activities appropriate to the furtherance of psychodynamic therapy
  • Carrying out practical research into psychodynamics
  • Providing a focal point for psychotherapists, psychotherapy training schools and organizations dedicated to psychodynamic therapies
  • Promoting a better understanding of psychodynamic therapies within the medical profession and in the public at large
  • Encouraging appropriate educational standards and practices for furthering personal and professional development
  • Encouraging proper standards of professional conduct within the psychodynamic model of practice
  • Liaising with government bodies and agencies on the role and contribution of psychodynamic therapies

This mission statement was written upon the incorporation of the Canadian Association For Psychodynamic Therapy on November 14, 2000.