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Carmela Circelli

Psychotherapist, Ph.D, Dipl., CTP

344 Dupont
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 465-0743 (phone)

Psychoanalysis has been called the 'talking cure'. That is how I view it, as an intimate conversation with the potential to solve personal problems and to help us make desired changes in our lives. A fundamental premise of psycho-dynamic psychotherapy is that the past forms and shapes us. The depth of the therapeutic conversation can helps us become more conscious of these shaping forces and help us change destructive patterns and emotions. Whether you're suffering from anxiety, depression or difficulty with relationships, an empathetic and understanding conversation with someone who is impartial about your life situation is always helpful in making those changes.

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    Ph.D, Dipl., CTP
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A psychotherapy group for people who like to dance and move. Combines psycho-dynamic psychotherapy with movement meditations structured around the elements:earth, air, fire and water.