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Alex Borovoy

344 Bloor St W., Bloor and Spadina Subway stop.
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2K3

Your reasons for entering therapy will be as individual as you are. You might, or might not even know why you want to talk with someone but you know, somewhere inside yourself, that you are just not happy. It is true for all of us that how we live with our past experiences and feelings can be the cause of a great deal of pain, sadness and confusion in our lives. Things might look okay from the outside but, inside there is an unhappiness that no matter what you do, it lingers, affecting all parts of your life. Therapy can be an uncomfortable and challenging process at times. It can bring forward memories and feelings you might not want to experience again. Those feelings were suppressed so you could keep going in life. That was a necessary process but, it might no longer be as useful as it was for you. It take a lot of energy to try to keep living the ways we might no longer want to. Therapy does not make your experiences go away, but it can help you to develop a new understanding of them and new ways of being with them and in the world. As your anxieties and unhappiness begin to ease, a clearer and more empowered sense of yourself begins to emerge, along with a new, more vitalized, and fulfilling way of being in your life.

  • Certification

  • Fees

    $80-$90 individuals $120 couples.
  • Approaches and Techniques

    Analytical Psychology, Attachment Theory, Biofeedback, Client-Centered Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling, Couples Therapy, Dream Analysis, Dream Work, EFT-Emotionally Focused Therapy, Interpersonal, Meditation, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Relational Psychotherapy, and Trance Therapy
  • Focus

    Abuse in Childhood, Adoption, Anxiety, Artistic Creative Expression, Authenticity, Body Image, Buddhist Philosophy, Career and Work, Coping Skills, Couples Work, Depression, Dissociative Disorder, Divorce and Separation, Domestic Abuse, Drug Abuse, EFT Couples Therapy, Emotional Abuse, Emotional Disturbance, Emotional Healing, Experiential, Grounding in the Present Moment, Identity, LGBT-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, Life Dissatisfaction, Life Transitions, Loss and Grief, Narcissistic Personality, Procrastination, Relationships, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Identity, Sexual Trauma, Spirituality, Transference, Trauma, and Uncertainty
  • Age Specialty

    Teenagers (14 to 19), Youth (20 - 25), Adults, and Elders
  • Religious Specialty

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  • Session Format

    Private Sessions, Phone Sessions, and Skype Sessions