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Eric Evans

CTP Dipl. Registered Psychotherapist, BMus
CAPT Past President

244 Dupont St
Toronto, Ontairo
M5R 1V7
(416) 697-8731 (phone)

I am a psychotherapist in downtown Toronto. I work with adults who may be dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, relationship issues, gender or sexual identity (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans).

In every life there comes a time when it's clear some changes need to be made. Or something happens that throws all the ways we're used to doing things up in the air and we don't know what to do. Or we realize that something about our life is really not working and we can't clearly say why. Psychotherapy can help you through these challenges so you can come to a clearer understanding of who you are and what you want.

You might feel depressed, or anxious or alone. You might find yourself questioning the way you are living your life, the ways you relate to loved ones, the ways you express your sexuality or your creativity, or even the meaning of life. You may have lived through traumas, divorce, neglect, abuse and psychotherapy can be a good way to begin to heal.

It might seem reasonable that thinking about yourself and your life on your own could solve the problem, whatever it is. But speaking aloud to someone, in a caring and confidential setting, makes all the difference. We are relational creatures after all and we understand ourselves in the context of the people in our lives. If you had a difficult relationship with a parent, that difficulty can show up in our adult life. If you were isolated or traumatized as a child, then relationships as an adult will reflect that somehow. Psychodynamic psychotherapy assumes that there are themes that show up in our lives and relationships over and over again in ways we're not always aware of and this form of psychotherapy tries to bring these patterns into awareness so you can begin to change them.

I was trained at The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy and I have been practising psychotherapy in Toronto since 2001. I am a member of the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy and served as President of its board of directors. I am currently on the faculty of The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy. I have a degree in classical music performance from the University of Toronto. I have also been a member and served on the board of the Psychotherapy Referral Service, an organization that has been matching psychotherapists with clients for 18 years.

  • Certification

    College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • Fees

  • Training

    The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy
  • Theoretical Background

    Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, music, poetry, literature, philosophy
  • Approaches and Techniques

    Attachment Theory, Dream Analysis, Existential Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Object Relations Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, and Relational Psychotherapy
  • Focus

    Abuse in Childhood, Adoption, Anxiety, Artistic Creative Expression, Chronic Pain or Illness, Death and Dying, Depression, Emotional Abuse, Existential, Family, Identity, Intergenerational Trauma, Intimacy Issues, LGBT-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender, Life Dissatisfaction, Life Transitions, Loss and Grief, Men's Issues, PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Relationships, Schizoid Personality Disorder, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Sexual Identity, Stress, Suicidal Ideation, and Trauma
  • Age Specialty

    Youth (20 - 25), Adults, and Elders
  • Religious Specialty

  • Spoken Language

  • Session Format

    Private Sessions and Skype Sessions