Trannsitional Council Meeting Update

The transitional Council for the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario met on June 11th. Important news and information coming out of the meeting includes:

  • Registrar Joyce Rowlands discussed the possibility of the Controlled Act of Psychotherapy being delayed when the College opens. If that is the case you will be able to continue to practice but not call yourself a Registered Psychotherapist, Psychotherapist or hold yourself out to be practicing psychotherapy. If or when the controlled act is proclaimed in the future you will need to register with the College. Bear in mind that the grandparenting window will only be open for 2 years.

  • There are 4,239 people who have created accounts for the online grandparenting application. Of these, 753 people have completed the application form.

  • Applicants to the College will not know if their applications have been accepted until there is a proclamation date. Your certificate will be sent to you on the date of proclamation (if the College has received your fee). The best guess about the date of proclamation is the beginning of October although this could be delayed as there is a new Minister of Health: Eric Hoskins.

  • The Council is working on applications to recognize psychotherapy training programs and announced that the Gestalt Institute of Toronto’s 5 year training program was the first to be recognized. Congratulations to CAPT Institutional Member, the Gestalt Institute of Toronto.

  • Registration Committee Chair Philip McKenna informed the Council that the Ministry of Health had made some last minute changes to the Registration Regulation. He indicated that some of the things that the Council had “struggled with” had been moved out of the regulation into policy. We will not know the implications of this until the regulations are unsealed.

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8 Jul 2014 at 9:27am