Resource Collective

The Resource Collective offers a professional development forum where CAPT’s institutional, organizational and individual members can offer or request courses, seminars, workshops and lectures or other events of interest to the general psychodynamic community.

Regulation and the Need for Professional Development

As the only recognized stakeholder in the process of regulation in Ontario from the psychodynamic tradition, CAPT has been, and will continue to be in, a leadership role. In 2014, the College of Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario will come into effect. One of the requirements of all members of the College will be for ongoing professional development.

Psychotherapy and counselling have already been regulated in other provinces (e.g. Nova Scotia) and as with most regulated environments, professional development is a requirement. But all of us, regardless of regulation, need ongoing development to hone our skills and broaden our knowledge.

The Resource Collective anticipates the need for professional development, and it capitalizes on what is already near at hand, namely the maturity, substance, and vitality in psychodynamic psychotherapy in Canada.

We invite you to become an active participant in the Resource Collective and to further raise awareness of the opportunities for our professional development across the country.

Please send your notices to and they will be promptly posted on-line. The notice will remain on-line until the event date has passed. Please indicate if you wish to restrict your event to CAPT members only.

If you are not currently a member of CAPT but wish to become one, we welcome your application.