Institutional Membership

CAPT has three distinct member categories: Individual, Institutional and Organizational. Institutional membership is available to psychodynamic psychotherapy training institutions.

Guidelines for Acceptance to CAPT as an Institutional Member

  1. The institution is affiliated with, or is a member of, a recognized international association of psychodynamic psychotherapy, (e.g. The International Psychoanalytic Association, The Federation of International Dasein and Existential Analysis).

  2. The institution trains psychodynamic psychotherapists, and:

    • has existed long enough to have graduates
    • conducts or requires a serious academic study of psychodynamic theory
    • conducts or requires practical preparation and supervision for psychodynamic psychotherapists
    • conducts or requires training in professional ethics, or has a formal commitment to a code of ethics, and
    • has a stable faculty of at least five members

If you have any questions about our institutional membership process or criteria, please email us at


Institutional Membership carries a one-time fee of $300.

Current Institutional Members


If you have any questions please email your enquiry to:

All applications for memberships and renewals are subject to approval by CAPT. Members are expected to adhere to the CAPT Code of Ethics.