Individual Membership

CAPT has three distinct member categories: Individual, Institutional and Organizational. You can become an individual member of CAPT in two ways: either as a student or graduate of a recognized training institute, or through the interview process.

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Through a Recognized Training Institute

Graduates, students and faculty of the following training institutes are eligible for membership in CAPT:

Other training institutes may be added in the future.

Applicants must provide a photocopy of their diploma or degree, or proof of student enrollment, with their completed application forms.

The Interview Process

Prospective members whose trainings are not yet recognized by CAPT are encouraged to apply through an interview process, which involves structured interviews with at least two individuals nominated by the Board. Applicants are also required to submit their Curriculum Vitae or resume to CAPT. This route to membership will particularly appeal to those who have trained outside Canada or have gained their training through an institution unknown to CAPT. Contact us for details. Acceptance of an applicant for membership is at the discretion of the CAPT Board.


The Individual Membership fee is $160 annually; $115 for Student Membership.

CAPT membership runs on the calendar year from January 1 to December 31. Applications are accepted throughout the calendar year; however, as fees for membership are modest, they are not pro-rated.

Individuals must renew their membership annually to remain in good standing.

The deadline for renewals is December 1st each year.

Every year a receipt will be issued to each current member, in time for tax season.

How CAPT Members May Identify Themselves

Members are encouraged to identify themselves in their professional business materials as members of the association in one of two ways, as shown below:

  • Member, Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Member, CAPT


If you have any questions, please email your enquiry to:

All applications for membership and renewal are subject to approval by CAPT. Members are expected to adhere to the CAPT Code of Ethics.