12 Week Therapist Group

Therapists' Use of Self Process Group SECOND GROUP - Starting in September 2014

Based upon interest I am offering this Time Limited Therapy/Process Group only for Psychotherapists again.

In this Group you will focus on the “here and now” thoughts and feelings you become aware of in the moment to moment process of the interpersonal work.

A weekly Group for Psychotherapists who wish to:

Explore and uncover patterns, feelings, and thoughts which may be hindering your life relationships and your in-session work.

Develop a deeper awareness of self and experience how this knowledge can be used to improve the delivery of therapy and further insure the protection of our clients/patients.

Use the Safety of the Group to examine dynamically your interpersonal experiences both of others (judgements) and yourself (shame, fear, self doubt).

Assess and Address via feedback, affective responses, to others and your impact on the Group.

Expand your personal limits/edges/fears/defences which you either knowingly or unconsciously bring into your client/patient sessions. These (countertransference/transference) influences will come to light in the process group we engage in together.

Create and experience relationships which can bring deep connection and assist you to be more present and available in all relationships.

Learn and Teach each other with a focus on "here and now" thoughts and feelings as they emerge in the Group room. Relationships unfold when words are spoken and "acting out" is avoided.

Group size limited to seven participants. First session: February 6th, 2014 Time: 5:30 -7:00 p.m., Thursdays Location: 140-A Euclid Ave., Toronto M6J 2J9 Fee: $56.50 (50.00+ HST) per session, payable first session of each month.

Group is open to practicing Psychotherapists from both Non-medical and Medical training. Some experience in Group is beneficial but not necessary. Previous or on-going individual therapy required.

To secure a place in this new Group please contact me ASAP. A deposit will be required to hold your place.

Steve Schklar Voice: 416.603.2177 eMail: steve@psychotherapytoronto.com