Introduction to Hakomi ProSkills

Toronto Hakomi Education Network presents Applied Mindfulness: Introduction to Hakomi ProSkills, in Toronto

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Hakomi ProSkills consists of 18 days of training divided into four main components. ProSkills will be taught by international senior trainers Georgia Marvin and Donna Martin, and can be followed by supervision with certified teachers toward certification as a Hakomi practitioner.

The four components of ProSkills are:

One: Personhood. In this component, we are establishing the state of mind of the practitioner/helper in loving presence. This is the state of mind and present-centered focus of attention that is the basis of the healing relationship, and, more broadly, the foundation upon which are built personal habits and life practices that lead to emotional wellness.

Two: The Healing Relationship. Here we continue to practice relating to others in loving presence and add skills in mindfulness, experimental attitude, and creating a nourishing experience. Specific skills practiced in part two of Hakomi ProSkills include tracking, contacting, maintaining a focus on present experience, moving between verbal and embodied expression, and assisting each other to have a nourishing experience.

Three: Self-Discovery through Experiments in Mindfulness. This component continues to develop skills learned in levels one and two, focusing especially on tracking for indicators, those mostly non-verbal expressions of a person’s habits and beliefs, both of which may tend to curtail the way they experience themselves and others. In addition, work is focused on creating hypotheses about beliefs, the skillful use of probes and taking over (supporting a voice or gesture) as the main kinds of exercises done in mindfulness.

Four: The Art of Hakomi. In the final component of Hakomi ProSkills, the focus is on moving through the entire Hakomi process, from the state of mind of the helper, creating a healing relationship, tracking and contact, experiments in mindfulness for assisted self discovery, and particularly to the creation of the missing experience. Moving toward nourishment and integration completes the process of a Hakomi therapeutic experience.

ProSkills Workshops: Our workshops are based on the assumption that we all possess an inherent wish to be healthy. The workshops embody the principles of non-violence, compassion, and mindfulness, and largely consist of simple but precise exercises done in small groups. The goal in the workshops, as in Hakomi more broadly, is to create a nourishing experience.

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